An innovative data linkage event:  IPDLN 2020 Conference

A global conference | across time zones | live and on-demand content

Learn when you want

The beauty of an online conference is that you attend what you want and miss what you don’t. You don’t need to squeeze everything into two short days! The great news is if you do want to watch something later, there will always be a video recording for your future enjoyment.

Live sessions to get you involved

There are plenty of live events planned including live presentations, workshops and symposiums. You can get involved and ask questions!

As they are scheduled at different times of the day to accommodate several time zones (we are a global conference after all), all sessions will be video recorded and shared within 24 hours.

On-demand sessions

There are many on-demand abstract presentations and poster sessions in the works for you. Because they are not occurring at the same time, you can go through them whenever you want; you set your schedule and watch in your time. Unlike in-person conferences, where you can only attend a few sessions, the IPLDN 2020 Conference ensures you can go to as many sessions as you want.

Chat, connect, collaborate

The live chat and text features in the conference platform mean that you can meet and network with any of the speakers, panellists, sponsors and other conference delegates.

You can ask questions of the speakers, organise a group chat to set up a new collaboration or just meet for a virtual coffee.

Loads more to be announced!

We are keen to keep adding to the list of activities and presenters that we have planned for you. We want you to really learn as much as possible. Because the conference is for two weeks not just two days, you will have the chance to experience it all.

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